1st day 16.5.2016 

Seven students arrived to Finland from Stewards Academy (Essex, England). We met the students at our school 16.00 pm. We ate at school and the students went with their host families. We showed them a little bit what we do here at Puistola in our free time.

2nd day 17.5.2016

Tour at the school (45min), welcome party at auditorium (Finnish pupils band, and some lower class students danced, the head teacher of Steward Academy told all ninth grade students of our school little bit about England). Then we had a short lesson on Finnish language. We went to Heureka (Tikkurila) and there we were at planetarium (there was a film about space and planets).


3rd day 18.5.2016

We met at school and we went to University of Helsinki (Department of Chemistry). We made an experiment on how to built a Green factory and we made soap bubbles by using dry ice.



Molecyl gastronomy: blueberry trio

After that….. ice skating at Myyrmäki ice hall. 


4th day 19.5.2016

We met at school and first we went to see Helsinki Cathedral and after that we took a ferry to Suomenlinna. We had a tour there about Suomenlinna´s history. When we came from Suomenlinna we had a sightseeing tour by tram and after that we went shopping with the English students. In the evening we met with the other hosts and students at Iina`s crib. We just chilled out and had fun.


Last day 20.5.2016

The students came to our lessons for an hour. After that the Finnish pupils had their own lessons and the English students had home economics where they baked buns. At 1 pm we said our farewells and the English students went to the airport.

We had so much fun and we got a good experience and we thank our teachers for this opportunity.

Mikko Mutikainen 9a, Henrietta Lindström 9a